After assessing the demographics of children with cardiac disease from indigent families, requiring surgery, and others with non-infectious disease, it has become imperative to me, that an organization with the vision and compassion be created.  The purpose for the creation, is to consummate a union between children from 0 - 18 years of age, with doctors who will provide surgery without cost to their families.  We aim to provide holistic care for the full, well-being of these families and other indigent families.

SURVEYS to Assess Surgical Needs

On-going surveys will be taken to assess acute, cardiac cases, in the neediest communities beginning in New Jersey, to evaluate the need for surgery, and implementation, and beyond.


Doctors and other healthcare providers, who are looking for philanthropic opportunities, will find a niche here at Volunteer Doctors' Coalition. On-line opportunities will be published. In addition, we will seek to contact them through the American Medical Association, Medical Journals and Magazines, Hospitals, and other resources.


Our goal is to acquire government, surplus property to create a Triage Center, to provide surgery for children with cardiac disease and non-infectious diseases, from indigent families. In addition, accommodation for Parents/Guardians of the children are having surgery, and restricted to the children's Parents/Guardians, Healthcare Team providing care, visiting Doctors, Medical students, Founder and Donors.

The best quality care and optimum service, will provide good, quality and independent living, from a holistic approach.

What we will provide with holistic care:

Emotional support for Parents/Guardians, whose children are between a "hair-line" of life and death. Some skilled and unskilled providers will be available to these families on an "On-Call" basis, before and after surgery to "lend a listening  ear," provide counseling and support. Support will be available to all the families. Since the Parents/Guardians are under duress, what is required are the following:

Compassion, sensitivity, a "listening ear," in addition to skills.

"Care-Paks" with basic necessities, i.e., healthy snacks, combs, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, soap, non-perishable food, dishwashing liquid, detergent, sanitary products, hair products, clothing new and used, in good condition. We will hire Homeless Veterans to package these "Care-Paks."

In the future the part of this project will be implemented for children on other continents: West Indies, Philippines, Near East and Africa, children without one or both parents, living in cemeteries (most of them were born there), garbage dumps and on the streets.

A market study was performed in order to assess the feasibility of our venture and point out key factors that would contribute to its success. The market study was conducted in 3 of the 5 continents mentioned above, Philippines, Africa, Near East, Trinidad & Tobago by the CEO, Antonia J. McCray, and another small 501(c)3 business, and informational sources including children at risk industry studies, internet sites and personal interviews with owners of similar establishments in other regions.

Care-Paks with basic necessities, i.e., healthy snacks, combs, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, soap, non-perishable food, dishwashing liquid, detergent, sanitary products, hair products, clothing new and used, in good condition.

The market study was conducted in 3 of the 5 continents mentioned above, Philippines, Africa, Near East, Trinidad & Tobago by the CEO, Antonia J. McCray, and another small 501(c)3 business, and informational sources including children at risk industry studies, internet sites and personal interviews with owners of similar establishments in other regions.


Volunteer Doctors' Coalition (VDC)  is currently a Start-Up, Charitable organization, with a mission to consummate a relationship between doctors, and children with  cardiac and non-infectious diseases from indigent families (especially those who are from below poverty level), ages 0 - 18 years, for the purpose of providing surgery without cost to some families, and basic necessities.

In addition, we seek to implement a holistic approach for essential, well-being of the families, and Care Paks for the basics life.

As a charitable, organization, we seek to:


Contact doctors, nurses and medical students to diagnose and implement a treatment plan, both before and after the children have had surgery. Skilled surgeons will provide surgery for those in dire need, and are from indigent families.

Some neighborhood surveys are being planned periodically, in some of the most challenging areas of New Jersey, to further determine dire needs of children that are the neediest, especially for cardiac surgery. Those with non-infectious diseases will also be provided care and referrals to other physicians.


Counseling and care will be provided for patients and their parents or guardians, as most of these children are a "hair-line" between life and death, and the parents are emotionally challenged as well.

In addition, children and their families will have "homework" assistance from qualified teachers, and other providers.

In the near future, maintenance of daily, dental care will be taught by a dental hygenist. However, actual dental care will be performed in the offices of the dentists, at a reduced fee. Vouchers for care may be obtained at one of our offices (to be determined in the near future).


Care Paks will be packed by Displaced Veterans, and others who qualify. Training and supervision will precede.


Clothing and food vouchers will be given to those who can provide proof of need.

Government warehouse and industrial space will be sought for these projects, especially the Triage Center.

Our thrust is to hire veterans, disabled, disadvantaged and others for permanent positions, and to consider the same for The Board, along with others who do not have any disabilities.


1. Medical Volunteers - recruiting experienced and non-experienced healthcare professionals, to provide diagnosis for children with cardiovascular disease in the USA. Later, developing countries: Africa, West Indies, Near East,  Philippines. Pediatric surgeons, Cardiologists, Dentists, Practitioners, Clinical Mentors, Nurses, Dieticians...

2. Non-medical - Social workers, Bookkeepers and/or Accountants, Clergy, Cooks, Activities coordinators, car, van, bus, and Truck drivers, Carpenters, Electricians, Housekeepers, and people willing to read to the children and assist the parent(s) with the children. 

In addition:

  1. Development Director - to orchestrate fundable projects...
  2. Researchers - to contact medical schools, alumni, hospitals, retired doctors, magazines, radio, t.v., government entities.
  3. Interim Board members - professional and non-professional backgrounds
  4. Teachers
  5. Administrative Assistants
  6. Attorney
  7. Treasurers
  8. Accountant
  9. Computer proficient volunteers
  10. Fund-raisiers
  11. Conference speakers - medical and non-medical.


Bi/Multi-lingual : English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Native American languages, later, some African dialects.., areas where the people are not proficient in English.

A variety of jobs can be done from home for the blind and physically chanllenged.

Some of the positions will require travel in the USA, and later abroad.

All must attend an orientation held in different locations. Currently, an orientation will be held in Hawaii in the near future. Make all inquiries to volunteerdoctorscoalition@333.org  R.S.V.P required for all conferences.


Several cultural events are in-process of being planned for the near future, that will provide a source of revenue for the families we service. 

International Healthcare Conference Sessions, Mentoring and Continuous Quality Improvement...

Preparation Workshop is required for all who are interested in volunteering, in order to ensure a consistent level of quality, specific skills, attitude and contextualization needed to work in resource-poor, and poor settings (USA and later abroad).

Content of Workshop (mostly pertaining to underdeveloped countries; for medical professionals): The workshops will include seminars on a number of subjects pertaining to working in resource-poor settings. The subjects that will be covered will include:

* Review of congenital, cardiovascular and other heart related problems and intervention programs.

* Review of VDC initiatives and specific role of volunteers.

* WHO treatment guidelines for the developing countries.

* Communication skills and clinical monitoring.

* Clinical and operational issues likely to be encountered in developing countries.

* Infection control.

* Contextualization in a multi-cultural setting (respect, integrity within the culture, attire...outside the USA).

*** Upcoming Conferences: email only. *Inquiries must be sent to mailto: volunteerdoctorscoalition@333.org 


The donations for all items are TAX DEDUCTIBLE,  under our NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization # 80-0456545.

Used/new diagnostic equipment in good condition is needed, MRI's, Respirators, Spygmomenometers, Oto/Ophthalmoscopes, Stethescopes, exam chairs and/or tables (3 needed), furniture - couches (5),chairs (5), SHEETS, BLANKets, 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, 2 washing machines, 4-10 COMPUTERS, 3 televisions, clothing for children and adults (men,women), long, floor-length dresses, skirts for women of all sizes (in good condition only) new and used.

Contact: volunteerdoctorscoalition@333.org

Website: http://volunteerdoctorassn.freewebspace.com//

Meeting the supply for ORPHANGES!!!


Some projects are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. 

Until Orphanages can be the home for many of these children, we are in-need of Host families for a temporary period of time.

Host families, by inviting families in-need to private homes to provide temporary stays for a child and one or both parents while the child is convalescing from surgery for approximately 3 weeks, we can provide a comfortable stay for the child.

100% of most donations will be spent for the needs of these families.

Cardiac surgery for children from extremely impoverished areas.

Feed The Hungry Project CryEmbarassedSmile:

Children from indigent families in the USA will be provided Care-Paks (to begin soon)that will supply daily nutrition. Later, the same will be implemented in underdeveloped countries, where children are not provided with at least 1 nutritious meal per week. They need to eat nutritiously every day! Most of these children do not have parents and live on the streets.



This project will raise "seed capital," to diagnose and implement treatment for children with cardiac and non-infectious diseases from indigent families, living mostly in below poverty conditions, and providing them with Care-Paks for basics needs of life.


Our goal is to have sponsorship for each child, where 100% allocation of the funds will benefit the children! 


We desire people who are familiar with international cooking, Near Eastern cuisine, and other food.

NEEDED: ACTIVITIES Coordinator. For Cardiac patients - Pediatric


Needed: Volunteer drivers who can drive van, truck, bus, car to drive the staff, guests and patients.

Other non-related tasks too.